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Alexia DeBono

Alexia DeBono


The Leading Lady – Female in tech

Name Alexia DeBono
Age 22
Country Malta
Education Experience
(Secondary, Higher Level) 
Currently studying for a BA in English with University of London Worldwide.
Secondary School: Giovanni Curmi Higher Secondary School (A-Levels and Intermediate Levels)
Verdala International School – 2008-2013.
No training – I learnt skills as I went along
Employment History Office Administrator, Social Media, and Receptionist – SQL Real Estate (Oct. 2015 – Sept. 2016)
EFL Teacher (Oct. 2016 – Dec. 2018)
Freelance Website Editor and Administrator – Fine Homes Real Estate (2019 – Present)
Social Background
Personality Traits Driven, introverted, friendly, imaginative, observant, sensitive, loyal.

Their Tech Entrepreneurship Journey

Business Name
Blog: Her Nose Stuck in a Book
What was the inspiration?  I loved seeing the online communities that connected over books, and the relationships between the readers and publishers. It was always a dream of mine to work in publishing, in some form or another.
Why did they decide to set up their tech business?  I always wanted to find a place where I could talk freely about my interests and connect with others who love books as much as I do; so instead of waiting to find that community, I sought it out myself.
What does it do?
I review books and other media content, such as movies and TV series that I really enjoy.
What makes it unique?  I think that what makes my site unique is my voice, and my opinions. It is about more than one type of media, and I wanted to focus, most importantly, on the power and effects of STORIES.
When did they decide to set it up? I first set it up in 2018.
What are their future plans?
For their tech business?
For themselves?
I am currently on a hiatus to focus on my last few months of my degree.
This summer I plan on rebranding and expanding my social media presence for more exposure, as well as working more on networking and setting up connections with local and international publishers.
I will also be working on my passion for writing and will be trying to incorporate that into the content I create.
And I also plan to create higher quality posts and content but will blog only a few times a month instead of every week.
Top 2 tips for nascent women technology entrepreneurs 1. Slow growth is still growth.
2. Do not be afraid of failure – they are lessons, not signs to quit.
Further information:
Contact details
[email protected]